Random Quark is your faithful friend and ally in creating immersive experiences that make enormous waves

Our digital dreams ravish and delight all who experience them.

Over the years, we've augmented reality for many delighted artist, retail and advertising partners.

Random Quark enjoys transporting people to a place of fun and colour; somewhere they can forget about their troubles for a while.

To do this, we delve deep into the best of technology, art and design and do things the right way - not the boring “normal” way.

We know how you worry about things (because you want to make a serious impact within tight parameters) so we can be relied upon to ask the right questions. We’ll do all the experimentation on your behalf.

There’s everything you need in our maker lab to create a profound and unforgettable experience for consumers: computer graphics, web and mobile technologies, computer vision, electronics and hardware, virtual reality, 3D printers, projection mapping, interactive theatre and data visualisation.

Together, you and Random Quark will produce grin-worthy experiences to make everyone’s thumbs itch to like and share.

For new business please contact us on hello@randomquark.com

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Man on the moon - magically opening chest for interactive theatre

Migration Map - plotting the geograpical trajectories of Tower Hamlets residents

Code Poetry - public poetry revealed through QR codes

Art Hackathon - a weekend of creative collaboration

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who we are

Theodoros Papatheodorou PhD

Theodoros is a developer, educator and creative technology enthusiast, implementing solutions for artists, spaces and institutions.

He studied Psychology in the University of Wisconsin-Madison before getting an MSc in Computer Science from Imperial College, London. He stayed on to do a PhD in Computer Vision before returning to Greece and starting visualcortex, a creative technology studio, while also teaching Computational Media at the Athens School of Fine Arts.

He is currently a Lecturer of Computational Arts at Goldsmiths where he directs the MA/MFA in Computational Arts and the BSc in Digital Arts Computing.

Theodoros' personal site

Tom Chambers

Tom Chambers is a creative coder and full stack web developer with more than 3 years of professional experience. He understands servers and pixels inside out.

He studied politics at Goldsmiths, University of London. He did a stint in the world of startups at accelerator ef, He then landed in web development and found a sideline as an artist exploring social norms and creating absurd situations. Since then he’s been bringing the worlds of technology and art together in experimental fashion.

Tom's personal site and blog

Jesse Wolpert

Jesse Wolpert is a maker of the absurd.

She has worked as a translator, jeweller, plumber, teacher and spent 6 long years in a merchant bank.

An art critic called her a one trick pony.

An academic said she was a device artist.

An exhibition visitor called her an assembleur.

A colleague asked “but why would you make that?”.

Her mentor said ‘Get Serious!’.

So she joined Random Quark.

brilliantandamazing.com ridiculousandstupid.com


Write to us at hello@randomquark.com to discuss new projects and other opportunities