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random quark is a creative technology company building state of the art engaging experiences in large-format projections, interactive installations and the web.

We specialize in designing and developing experiences that combine the real with the virtual. We create bespoke interactive installations that augment experiences and environments. By applying creative twists, we endevour to highlight our relationship with machines and ignite the potential of participants as actors. Apart from commercial commissions we work also in artistic contexts, collaborating with artists and designers to realize their vision.

We strive to maintain a balance between the use of technology and the needs of a production. Our extensive combined knowledge includes specialization in computer graphics, web and mobile technologies, machine vision, electronics & hardware and virtual reality. Our work owes a lot to the free software movement and we regularly borrow from and contribute to open source projects.

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we work with

generative art

projection mapping

interactive theatre

data visualiazation

augmented reality

the web

physical computing


Man on the Moon
Emotional mirror
Book awards
A Christmas Carol
Hellenic Film Awards
Radio Nippon
Art hackathon
Migration Map
Recycling Scripts


Theodoros Papatheodorou PhD

Theodoros is a developer, educator and creative technology enthusiast, implementing solutions for artists, spaces and institutions. His work has been exhibited internationally and his interactive projections have been featured in plays and live shows of all genres.

He studied Psychology in the University of Wisconsin-Madison before getting an MSc in Computer Science from Imperial College, London. He stayed on to do a PhD in Computer Vision before returning to Greece and starting visualcortex, a creative technology studio, while also teaching Computational Media at the Athens School of Fine Arts.

He is currently a Lecturer of Computational Arts at Goldsmiths where he directs the MA/MFA in Computational Arts and the BSc in Digital Arts Computing.

Theodoros' personal site

Tom Chambers

Tom Chambers is a creative coder and full stack web developer with more than 3 years of professional experience. He understands servers and pixels inside out.

He studied politics at Goldsmiths, University of London. He did a stint in the world of startups at accelerator ef, He then landed in web development and found a sideline as an artist exploring social norms and creating absurd situations. Since then he’s been bringing the worlds of technology and art together in experimental fashion.

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