Computational stroboscopic photography

Client: IMG Live

We created an installation that allowed people to turn their golf swing into a unique artwork that they could share on social media. Players took a moment to step into IMG Live's specially constructed booth at The Open to record themselves taking a swing. Their artwork was generated and emailed within seconds and is available for them to see in person.

We brought innovative computational techniques to the art of stroboscopic photography. Standard stroboscopic photography is achieved with a long exposure time and repeated flashes. We used a high speed camera to stitch together a photo that looked completely new. Whereas conventional stroboscopic photography can capture a maximum of around 20 frames, we were able to create a composite of 100, tracking every position of the golf swing.

We built an automated system to create the images so that the installation could be staffed with minimal training.

The whole installation was conceived of, designed and delivered in under a month.