Recycling scripts

Recycling Scripts is an interactive installation commissioned by artist Yuki Uebo that allows people to take on a dating alter ego. We worked closely with Yuki to develop the iPad application to her specifications.

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The app allows the user to take on the role of various individuals on dating websites. When chatting with a dating match, the app prompts the user to respond in the voice of a famous person. The scripts are derived from films, speeches and interviews. At any time the user is offered a choice of what role they want to adopt and how they want to respond. The only thing they're unable to do is to respond as themselves.

For this iteration of the application the chosen characters were ‘empowered’ post-feminist politician Hilary Clinton, Disney Princess, little girls’ dream, to Marilyn Monroe, ‘the ultimate sex symbol for men’.


To allow for very fast deployments, especially remotely while the app was being used, the app is a website hosted on Heroku written in node.js. The application makes use of the unofficial Tinder API to get users details, create matches and send messages which are then displayed on a custom front end.

A piece of express middleware parses responses to the user, decides an appropriate category using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and then displays a set of appropriate responses for the alter ego characters that the user is able to take on.