Man on the Moon

Interactive elements for installation work

The Man on the Moon was an interactive installation piece created by Abby & Alice, a London based duo who met studying at Central St Martins. They approached us with their theme of an investigation of the disappearance of an old cheesemaker with mysterious connections to the moon and asked us what we could come up with to add magic to the experience.

We created a puzzle game that could quietly fit into the installation without drawing attention to itself or appearing out of character. The player approached the game box, a set of buttons, and played a simple 'Simon says' style game, the sequence for which was also hidden in various places within the installation.

When the player had successfully input the sequence in the game, across the room a box would open itself and project a final message onto the ceiling - the location of the elusive cheesemaker. The two boxes were linked wirelessly, so when the second box opened it came as a complete surprise to the player.


The two boxes were custom made for the installation. The opening box used a continuously rotating wheel with a lever arm attached to close and open the box. The opening box and the game box were linked using a pair of blueduinos that issued commands to each other.


This was a commission by Abby & Alice an installation collective based in London for their work Man on the Moon which ran in Peckham from 24th to 28th February 2017.