Migration Map at Shuffle Festival

The migration map was an installation commissioned by Shuffle festival as part of their Movement, Migration & Place theme. It was a way of exploring the identity and heritage of the current residents of the local area, Tower Hamlets.

Shuffle Festival migration pavillion

The migration pavillion at Shuffle Festival

The festival organisers conducted a survey to discover the birthplaces of the four generations of ancestors of the respondents, who currently lived in Tower Hamlets. These were then plotted as points of light on a hand painted atlas. The points of light were grouped by generation and gently cycled to show the paths of families travelling the globe over hundreds of years. As the paths went back through history, the dispersion of people gradually expanded to cover the entire world.

Shuffle Festival migration pavillion

The points were clustered using mapping tools written in javascript to reduce the number of points to be shown on the map and make them representative of groups of people around the world. The points were LED lights shining through the polycarbonate surface with the map painted on top. These lights were powered by an arduino using PWM to manage the cycles and fade them in and out. Modes were added to make the installation less distracting when bands were playing.