Hellenic Film Awards


The Hellenic Film Academy commissioned us to design an alternative film awards ceremony. To achieve that we created short, animated stories that would interact with each winner and provide a much more dynamic experience to both live and television audience. A total of 23 different scenes, corresponding to each of the awards were developed.


Each film award category was symbolized by the characteristic tool that represents it literally or metaphorically which was then incorporated into an interactive environment. A film editor’s scissors were turned into a school of fish that was following and interacting spontaneously with the winner. A documentary film-maker’s cameras were turned into playful monkeys on giant palm trees constantly observing the winner as he walked to receive his award. The typed letters of a film manuscript doubled as a waterfall bathing the winner as he passes through it. Consistent with an appetite for humour and playfulness, simple shapes, solid colors, a restricted color palette and a pop aesthetic was selected throughout.


We used a tracking engine developed in-house along with industrial grade infrared cameras in order to track all the action on stage. To separate and track each actor we implemented a decision mechanism, allowing us to deliver targeted interactions on a populous stage. We used technologies and algorithms such as particle systems, physics engines, autonomous agents, animation engines and much more, in order to simulate natural forces and behaviours in each scene.