Emotional Emergency Kit

Random Quark was commissioned by Goldsmiths Library to come up with a creative way to measure the emotional state of the students from day to day. Random Quark developed the Emotional Emergency Mirror, an interactive installation which playfully collects emotional data from its users by blending the virtual with the real.

Users of the library submit how they feel at that particular moment by pressing one of the emotional buttons. They then act on a virtual representation of their emotion by using physical objects. They drown their sorrow using a real water tap, they put out their anger with a fire extinguisher, they inflate their happiness with a bike pump and they hoover it all up by using a real hoover.

As students use the installation the library collects anonymised information about how the average student feels, particularly during the stressful months of the year, and can flag up any concerns with the university student wellbeing team.

Tech used: arduino, various sensors, Unity, web technologies.